Listening is Fundamental

We listen, we consider, we design…and we implement

As experienced multidisciplinary graphic designers we know that getting to understand you and your business is important. We like to get a feel for what you want to achieve and then take an intuitive and thoughtful approach to designing work that will help you build a strong visual identity. At every part of the process we will keep in contact with you, showing you our designs and sharing our thought processes to make sure we are on the right track.


Step 1 - We Listen

Speak to us, we are all ears!

The first stage comes from you, sharing with us your objectives and desired outcomes. We'll discuss your business or organisation, your ethos and brand values, your market place and audience.


Step 2 - We Consider

Based on your brief, we begin the design process with detailed research getting to grips with what’s current, what’s working and what’s not. We always evaluate before putting pen to paper and start bringing concepts to life.


Step 3 - We Design

Based upon our understanding of you and your business, we will explore several different avenues to take. We like to offer you a choice, some ideas that may play safe and others that stretch the imagination a bit further. Once we know we are going in the right direction these concept designs will be worked up to your individual specifications and requirements.


Step 4 - We Implement & Deliver

Ensuring that your new design and brand works consistently across all assets and all media is vitally important. We will provide you with all required collateral to ensure that you can showcase your brand, business or product to its full advantage. We can also produce brand guidelines ensuring correct and powerful use of your logo and designs.